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Jared Ingersol Music Management  - My friend, right hand man, Jared Ingersol's website.

Al Stewart's Official Website  - I have accompanied Al Stewart for fifteen years on the road on guitar, and sometimes other instruments....

Anne Burghard - Multi-talented friend who writes instrumental guitar music, as well as being an excellent photographer/videographer and journalist.

Totally Guitars - Website for Neil Hogan's online instructional service. Neil runs the International Guitar Camp in California.

Martin Levan
 - The website for the producer of "Spinoza's Dream".

John Jameson
-  I produced my friend John Jameson's CD at Nachville...

Karen Levan
 -  Martin's wife, Karen has had poor eyesight since she was a young child, but she's gone on to create beautiful paintings. If any prints are sold they will go to the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.

Veneto West
 -  Ronan Chris Murphy was the producer of "Step Up". Veneto West is his studio in Los Angeles.

Viacali Guitars
- A very talented and hard working luthier friend of mine, in Davis, CA
- A lot of folks have wanted to know about the physical transformation a few years ago. Check it out (unfortunately only in the Sacramento area).

Recording Hacks - Great resource that featured me in a recent newsletter.

Sundstrom Hill Winery
- Lovely winery in Davis, California where I've performed a few times.
- Anthony Ceseri's website is dedicated to providing valuable knowledge to songwriters of all skill levels.

Nancy Wesson's RoadHands
- Nancy offers a massage therapy service in Austin, Texas.

Stuart Elliott's website - Al Stewart's former drummer who played with us on the Royal Albert Hall shows in 2013 and 2015, and on my 2016 record "Spinoza's Dream".
- My friend Rob Cohen has written a number of musicals that can be performed by children.

Cana's Feast Winery
- Winery in Oregon where Al Stewart and I have performed.

Z Specialty Food, LLC
- Z Specialty Food is a family owned and operated gourmet foods business in Northern California that offers products made with simple, natural ingredients. 

DWC Photography (David Clements)  - David shot the cover photos for "Uncorked" and "Step Up". He also helped put together a coffee table book called "Raising A Hand", which I'm in, alongside Willie Nelson, Paul McCartney, Joe Cocker and more. - Great site for anyone looking for custom-made acoustic guitars.

Steve Kahn - I have produced a few CDs for Steve, who resides in Davis, California.

P.W. Crump Co. -   Phil Crump's company, located in Humboldt County, California, builds fine, custom acoustic instruments (bouzoukis, octave mandolins, citterns, guitars, mandolins, mandolas, and hybrid instruments).

Harrison Phipps' Fretted Strings Shop -  My friend Harrison Phipps' lutherie school and full service guitar shop, located in Davis, California.

Liz Bligan's CD (Produced by Dave!)  - Liz is a talented singer from the Philly area. She has recorded four songs of mine on this CD.

Marc Macisso  - Sax player with Al Stewart.

The Silcock Family  -  This is the website for an amazing family in Southern, CA with many adopted sons. I had the pleasure of being their "songwriter-in-residence" a few times, releasing three CDs of their songs (available through their website and 

Davis Community Scrapbook - A site with stories and songs about Davis, CA, including two of my songs.

The Raspyni Brothers
  -Amazing juggling duo that have performed all over the world, and who you should see if you ever get the chance! (I did a little music for a children's DVD that they put together too).

Bob Malone  - Incredible keyboard talent and singer/songwriter - one of my best friends, and frequent player on my CDs, Bob Malone is not to be missed!
Sandsonic MicroKit - An ultra-portable drum kit invented by my friend Dan Sandson.The most informative video there is "Set Up Time."If you read the comments, you'll see it's a prototype, not yet a product.